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Comments from participants and readers: 
Thank you for this! This is so beautiful. It's uplifting and heartwarming and a great reminder that I am, indeed, not alone.
--------- P. Umali
It was such a blessing to be part of this and what an extra appropriate timeframe for when it can help. THANK YOU for all that you did and continue to do.
-------- J. Lentz
That is awesome!!! Such a beautiful job done .. We are living in a cruel world , so nice to be reminded that we are not alone , Couldn’t have pick a nicer song than this .. A lot of work gone into this, Thank You.
-------- L. Mews

You Are Not Alone - Music Therapists Unite

Project Manager


Video and Audio Editor

"You Are Not Alone" was a project made by Mewsic Moves during summer 2020 in response to the emotional effect of COVID-19 to everyone in the world. After reaching out to Music Therapists through multiple platforms, we received an incredible amount of responses of over 200 Music Therapists who were interested to join the project. After 2 weeks of communication, preparation, taping, and recording, 116 Music Therapists from 5 countries and 25 states in the U.S. came together and formed this powerful musical message. 

A Note From John Mews, Founder of Mewsic Moves, Co-creator of project "You Are Not Alone"

116 Music Therapists all over the world come together and share their healing musical message "You are not alone", a musical adaptation of "You Will Be Found" from Dear Evan Hansen.


We as Music therapists use the power of music daily to connect, heal and transform lives and relationships and wanted to share our healing musical gifts with you. We are in the midst of very challenging times in our world and many are experiencing depression, confusion, frustration, anxiety, fear, loneliness and so much more. This message is for you! Don't be afraid to speak up, reach out and seek help and know that "YOU are not alone !"


We are fully aware of some typos and imperfections in the video, but we appreciate everyone's understanding, and we will be more careful in editing and proofreading in the future! We need to stay strong and together right now and support each other. Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes, recognize your emotions, and certainly don't be afraid to speak out if you need help from others. 

Click here to watch the video. 

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