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Murmuration is an original piece of live performance in a theatre space. It explores the interaction between bodies and material. Merging elements of lights, video, projection, and music, Murmuration visually and audibly translates the different experiences of being a part of a collective.   

Murmuration - a flock of starlings.

Back in March, whilst in lockdown, we were introduced to the term murmuration. At a time where being together physically was impossible, it sparked conversations about the importance of connection. Throughout numerous discussions we realized that we all had very different interpretations of what being part of a collective meant to us.

Each of our iterations has come about from playing and working with each other over the past couple of months. We worked together to bring all elements (lighting, sound, projection, scenic design and automation) into each iteration to weave our own personal experiences and meaning into the work.


We hope you enjoy Murmuration and that you can take away that there are varying experiences about being part of a collective. Occasionally you are in sync, you can be divided and your personality fractured, sometimes it is chaotic and it can be positive or negative. As demonstrated by Manuela’s bungee cord installation, we all cross each other’s paths in life and inevitably become entangled in a web of interconnectedness.

Production Gallery

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