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how far

How Far I'll Go

In memory of an amazing trip!



Music Video Director

Every year for my birthday, I save up to buy a memorable trip somewhere in the world as a birthday present to myself. It has become a tradition or a ritual I keep for myself every winter.


When I turned 24, I decided to spend my birthday on a sailboat across the Caribbean. It was a wonderful birthday trip with a bottle of cheap champagne, a ukulele, 10 strangers that I've never met until the day before, and an endless ocean around me.

I was so blessed to celebrate my birthday in such a unique way that I want to bring a piece of that memory with me even after I'm back home. So here comes this fun project of How Far I'll Go (Cover) 

I'm extremely grateful for everyone that I met on that trip, and everyone who helped me make this project come alive! 

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