Hill Behind The Hill

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Director: Megan Brewer

Hill Behind The Hill is a new musical written by Alice Dryden and Caleb Sharp, who are both recent graduates of Goldsmiths, University of London. It is one of the four new musicals in Ascend To The West End, A New Musical Theatre Festival. 

Hill Behind The Hill is the story of Jacob and Sebastian and the strange connection that brings them together. Beneath the bright lights of 1930’s Hollywood, Sebastian Raymond is an up-and-coming star, searching for the role that will place him among the greats. Sebastian is notably talented, irresistibly handsome, conscientious, kind and in love with the enigmatic Ayn Marigold. Amidst the pressure of tabloid scandals, dark secrets and misplaced confidence, the question remains: What is Sebastian willing to sacrifice for the idea of a perfect life? Who can he trust when he can’t even trust himself? What will he find when ambition, jealousy and manipulation start to invade the seemingly perfect world he has built for himself and it all comes crumbling down?

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