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Dreamers poster

Dreamers 夢中人

Stage Manager on book

Director: Kim Pearce 

To dream 發夢 : a 2019 Hong Kong euphemism for attending a protest. Don’t say you protested, say ‘I dreamed I was out on the street last night’ and by keeping it at that remove, in the real unreal, maybe you can talk about what happened without paying a price for it.


Dreamers is a devised piece of theatrical work with the collaboration from everyone in the company. It tells stories of Hong Kongers after the passing of National Security Law by the Beijing government in 2020. This is a difficult show to make. As individuals, we are unsure about how much we want to risk. We imagine paying a price for making this show. Fear is contagious, so is courage.


To protect the identities of the performers and other creatives involved int the show, there will not be a list of cast and creatives. 

Production Gallery

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